Here are some links to my most used computing resources. I won't waste your time with broken links or shovel-ware sites. These are sites I return to time and time again. They'll be a jumble intitially, but as the site evolves I'll attempt to put them into some sort of logical order. For the moment they'll be mostly stream of conscious. If you know of any others of interest regarding the same general topic, please let me know what you've found. In the unlikely event one or more of these links break, please let me know as soon as you notice it.

Electronic Planet
For those of you in Nashua, This place is one of our best kept secrets. A knowledgeable staff who respect older computers. I've scored some major finds here. THE place to look first for older computers and bargain monitors.

This is one site that just flat does it right. What you can't find in their archives you can usually dredge up with their Forums.

These guys seem to respect their own equipment enough to provide complete manuals and documentation for download long after the warranties for their equipment have expired. An invaluable resource.

Western Digital
Looking for old specs for a hard drive can be a painful and maddening process. WD keeps them all forever. Even OEM drives can be found in their archives.

In fairness to Compaq, they USED to keep pretty thorough documentation online for their older computers. The quality has dropped off in recent years, but what they do keep is thorough.

About as complete an archive of hard drives as you'll find. Including the most detailed specs I've ever found on the Net for equipment no longer in production.

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