These are my Home Theater Components. All but the Yamaha Sub-Woofer and Aiwa Portable DVD are Sony entry-level

Ok, so I like Sony products.  I can't afford the high-end ES-series Sony components, but these entry-level components are better than my ears--or the ears of the vast majority of normal humans--can hear anyway. 

A Suggestion:  Before you plunk down more than $1000 for a receiver or any other high fidelity component, get your hearing checked. If your Doc says you can't hear what you're planning to buy, you may as well put the money you save into either cabinetry or media (or alternatively, you can mail me a gift certificate for no more than half of what you save, based on this suggestion. Heh heh).  You think I'm kidding, don't you?

Some important words on cabling your valuable components

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