These are some of my most often used electronics resources. If you can suggest something to add to these resources just let me know and I'll happily include them.

Sony Online
Sony maintains a rich archive of both current and out-of-production components. And here's a tip:  If you can't find it there try one of their foreign sites.

An astounding collection of stereo, HiFi and A/V links.

Crutchfield Electronics
One of the best sites on the Net for Auto Sound.

Tweeter, etc
For those of you in Nashua, NH, the Tweeter on Daniel Webster Highway is about the most knowledgeable source in town for A/V components for both Auto and Home Electronics

Cambridge Soundworks
I assembled most of my Home Theater System with Cambridge Soundworks just by waiting for some of the excellent bargains they regularly advertise.

Dolby Laboratories
THE experts on sound reproduction

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