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So I managed to sneak in a Christmas theme here.  Well I'm sappy about Christmas, and my big Christmas present last year was a 1990 Toyota 4Runner (well yeah, ok, I wish it would have been an original AC Cobra, but as Austin Powers said to Ivana Humpalot, "I'd love to have a solid gold toilet seat too, but its just not in the cards now, is it Baby").

We're a society on wheels.  There's no escaping it.  Americans--as a nation--are seen throughout the world as an independent, transportation-loving auto-centric society, and many Americans clearly judge themselves and others by the cars and trucks they drive.  Not that I'd ever do that . . . No no . . . Of course not.

So here's my section on wheels.  Wheels I've owned or coveted, wheels for both Sport and Show, Wheels of some of my friends, and Car and Truck Topics in general that I've compiled over the years.

If you would like your favorite vehicle included here, I'd be happy to place it here.  We all love or hate vehicles to one degree or another, so lets have fun with it, and see what develops here.

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