These are some of my favorite links to automotive interest sites.  You'll find most of the topics I reference in my Wheels pages, plus enough to keep you going back to them time and time again.

The Sports Car Club of America (SCCA)

Federation Internationale de L'Automobile (FIA)
The international body responsible for F1 Grand Prix Racing

National Hot Rod Association (NHRA)

Hemmings Motor News
THE source for automobile collectors, restorers and fans.

JC Whitney
THE source for both new and old hard-to-find car and truck parts

Harley-Davidson Inc.
Hog Heaven.
'Nuff Said?

Snap-On Tools
THE source automotive tools.  None better--anywhere


Chevrolet Camaro


The ONLY source for Chrysler performance parts

THE Ultimate Driving Machine



Porsche A.G.

Opel A.G.

Triumph U.K.

BSA Owner's Club

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