The Computer Pages
Yeah, I love computers. I don't suppose that comes as a surprise to any of you. But here are my computer pages.  I hope they interest you.

Links to My Other Pages

Those of you who know me know I have a lot of interests. Here's where I hope to share some of them with you. If some of them strike a resonant chord with you I'd love to hear about it. If you'd like to see more of something, or add to some of the information I've collected here, please feel free to submit your contribution anytime. And as always, if you see something that you feel can bear improvement, please speak your mind and I'll do what I can to make the suggested improvements.


The Electronics Pages
My interest in Electronics doesn't end with computers. Here you'll find the components that comprise my Home Theater system and some other Interesting Electronics Links.

About Wheels
I'm a technology enthusiast, and I love most things on wheels. Here are my favorite links about wheels in general.


The Surfing Pages

(Under Construction)
From Grem (or Grommet?) to Surfer I keep returning to Surfing to recover my sanity.  Here's some reasons why . . .

Friends and Family
Friends and Family, brief bios and photos of the Significant Others in My World.

The Sports Pages

(Under Construction)
The L.A. Dodgers, the S.F. Giants, the N.Y. Giants, and the L.A. Lakers (as well as Surfing, Tennis, and Golf) have held my interest for over 45 years now.  These are my favorite memories and links about them.

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